NOVA® Co-Ex/2-Ply Coreless Can Liner - 24 x 32, XHVY

NOVA® Co-Ex/2-Ply Coreless Can Liner - 24 x 32, XHVY

Item # NOVA2432XHW

  • Black/Gray
24 x 32, XHVY, 100/cs
Manufacturers Item #2432XHB-TP
  • Available in Tampa Bay, Fl Area Only

Two layer film strength. This quality adds significant strength and toughness (dart strength) to the liner and makes zippering (straight-line tear) obsolete. Multi-Directional Film Barrier. Two layers of film complement one another in a way that adds significant strength to the can liner. One layer of film is applied vertically and the other horizontally. The end result is the same as using two can liners for the price of one. This technique is used to hide any flaws that is typical of reprocessed material and allows the user to cut costs by using a thinner material without giving up strength. Nova uses recycled material which comes with an SCS certified label on every case that meets LEEDS certification.


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