Metered Dispensers/Refills


TimeMist® Metered Super Odor Neutralizer - Lemon/Lime

The fresh combination of lemons and limes infuse in the air providing sweet aromas that leave the room clean and energized. 30 days of continuous use when set at 15 minute intervals. 6.6 oz. can.

Manufacturers Item #33-2701TMCA

Rubbermaid® SeBreeze® Automatic Odor Control System

Long-lasting, effective odor control. 24 hour odor control for a full 30 days. Use dispenser as a wall-mounted or free standing unit. Air flow vents and battery operated fan disperse fragrance continuously for complete room coverage. Gels absorb odors in the air and convert them to non-toxic, odorless compounds. Patented Fragrance Cassette® Canister includes battery for easy, one step replacement.

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TimeMist® 9000 Shot Refill - Clean n' Fresh

Fragrance and odor counteractants in one can perfect for your odor control program. Time and labor saver through 90 days of continuous use at 15 minute intervals compared to standard 30 day system. For use in full-size TimeMist® Classic Metered Dispensers. 7.5 oz.


TimeMist® Classic Metered Dispenser - Beige

The TimeMist® Classic offers a simple and reliable automatic metered dispenser with a sophisticated design. 30 day refill life with a 15 minute spray setting. Maximum odor control at minimum cost. Operates on 2 C-cell alkaline batteries. For a room size of 6,000 cubic ft.


TimeMist® Micro Metered Dispenser Refills

Ultra-Concentrated refills. Delivers twice the power of ordinary refills. Each 2 oz. refill lasts up to 45 days. Fits TimeMist® and Encore Plus dispensers.

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Timemist® Premium Metered Air Fresheners

TimeMist® premium metered air fresheners contain odor counteractants to eliminate offensive odors. For use in all full-size TimeMist® metered dispensers. Fragrances and odor counteractants in one can. Fragrances contain essential oils to ensure they are the longest-lasting and highest-quality fragrances on the market. Refills last a full 30 days.

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