Dust Mops


Impact® Economy 4 Ply Cotton Traditional Dust Mop-5" x 24"

This looped-end dust mop offers high value cleaning for a variety of floors. Perfect for general cleaning of floors. 100% polyester backing resists wear and shrinkage. Fits standard 5-inch dust mop frames.

Manufacturers Item #17524

Rubbermaid® Kut-A-Way® Dust Mop - 60" x 5", White

Excellent for general purpose dust mopping. Pre-laundered and pre-shrunk. Launderable for long product life. Covers 50,000 square feet between laundering. Envelope-end backing style.


Impact® 4 Ply Cotton Looped-End Traditional Dust Mops

Traditional mop offers high value at competitive price. 100% polyester backing. Fits standard 5" dust mop frames.

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Rubbermaid® Twisted Loop Blended Dust Mop -24" x 5", Blue

Premium pre-laundered dust mops provide maximum durability and optimal cleaning performance. Less prone to snagging, fraying, and unraveling. Slide-on/slip-through backing for easy set-up. Durable polyester backing designed for launderable printing.


Rubbermaid® Trapper® Dust Mop - 48" x 5"

Looped-end, balanced blend dust mop for general purpose. Pre-treated, pre-shrunk and fully launderable for long product life. Slip-on backing for easy setup. Yellow.