High Density Roll


Pitt Mini-Roll High Density Liner - 24 x 24, 6 mic, Natural

The unique blend of first grade high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene and LLDPE resins is puncture resistant, possesses impressive film strength and performs under temperature extremes of -40°F to 212°F. The high molecular weight of the High Density Polyethylene resin allows us to produce can liners that are approximately one-third the weight of traditional can liners with the same capacity. A lower weight bag of superior strength means less material is being used in production, making the High Density Mini-Roll a good choice when searching for a product sensitive to source reduction responsibility. Perforated for easy dispensing.


FlexSol Roll Flex Coreless Roll - 40 x 48, X-Heavy, Black

Hi-density. Source reduce environmentally friendly. Strong star seal construction. Leak proof. Superior odor barrier. Ideal for wet trash and heavy loads. E-Z dispensing.


High Density Roll Liners

Available in various sizes, mils, mics, and colors.

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Inteplast HDPE Institutional Trash Can Liners

Great for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transportation conditions. It has excellent resistance to puncture and moderate resistance to tearing. Great for cost saving. Prime resins used for superior quality. Compact coreless interleaved rolls for effortless bag dispensing. Star seal bottom.

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Inteplast HDPE Liner - 6 Micron, 24 x 24, Natural

Prime resins used for superior quality. Perforated coreless rolls.


Inteplast Valu-Plus HDPE Institutional Trash Can Liners

High performance standard. Coreless interleaved rolls. 100% virgin resin. Star seal bottom for even weight distribution. Packed in our unique clam shell dispenser box.

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