Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Big John's Fryer Magic Easy-To-Use Fryer Cleaner - 9 lb.

White granular appearance. Almost odorless. pH: 13.0.

Manufacturers Item #P133B

Arm & Hammer™ Fridge-n-Freezer® - 1 lb.

Effectively fights food odors in refrigerators and freezers to help keep food tasting like it should. Spill-proof package. Environmentally sensible.

Manufacturers Item #33200-84011

Big John's Sparkle Bar Glass Wash - Gal.

A highly concentrated detergent for use at bars for quick washing and rinsing. This low foaming, easy on the hands formula will easily clean the dirtiest glass. It makes short work of lipstick and other greasy residues.

Manufacturers Item #P136B